"Never build anything unless you are proud to put your name on it"

​-- Max Cox

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The Schemel Company's roots go back to 1969 when its' founder, Gerry Schemel, entered the Real Estate business. He quickly became one of the top 10 Agents in the area.  

His first development project was an office building in 1971. Following in 1972 were apartment complexes, land development, and the building of single family homes. The company evolved into brokering, developing, and building apartment homes. 

Owning its' own brokerage and construction divisions enabled the company to ensure the quality of construction in its developments.

Gerry's maternal grandfather was a finish carpenter and at the age of 80 went into designing, making, and installing custom-made kitchen cabinets. He taught his grandson to live by the above motto and the Schemel Company follows it to the letter.